Professor Rhetoric

Dr. Williams is my Christian Ethics professor. There are a few things I’ve noticed about his teaching rhetoric. He likes to “degree drop”. Anytime anyone comments on his messy handwriting or his accent, he replies, “I have degrees and a doctorate, get you one!” I find this very amusing and inspirational because he is apart of Paul Quinn’s alumni. Also, he walks around a lot and sometimes uses his hands when he speaks. His voice demands attention. He’s very observant as well. His lectures are very good and informative. He speaks as though he’s very knowledgeable about every lesson he teaches. He doesn’t really use the computer but he carries a tablet that he sometimes uses. He doesn’t give much homework but when he does, he’s very specific about what it is he’s looking for. Dr. Williams is a great professor with interesting teaching rhetoric.


LPGA English Proficiency Rules

The LPGA’s rule about English being their “official language” is a good rule from a business standpoint because it benefits the players as well as the tour and helps the tour expand. According to Brent Kelley, ” The LGPA is desperate to improve its marketing, to fans, for sure, but especially to existing and potential sponsors.” In order for the LGPA to improve on these things, their players need to be improved. Sure, they’re skilled at golf but it’s important for them to speak fluent English. It wouldn’t be easy trying to market people whom fans can’t understand or relate to. This rule also benefits the players because it makes them grow. Growth is important for reaching new heights, whether in golf or outside of golf. They can be given better opportunities if they speak fluent English. Also, the tour can expand when they receive more sponsors and more money. If sponsors noticed the “language” growth in the players whose first language isn’t English, maybe they would be willing to put more money behind them because of their effort. To me, this represents their hunger and willingness for the game. In conclusion, the rule change is beneficial for both, the LGPA and players if you look at it from a business standpoint.

Research Paper Suggestions


I really dislike research papers but if I had to choose two that I wouldn’t mind doing, they would be papers on the civil rights movement and gender discrimination. A research paper on the civil rights movement would be great because it’s great history that some students may not know too much about. Every time I learn about the civil rights movement and activists that played a major part in it, I learn something new. The change that stemmed from the civil rights movement is the most amazing part of history, to me. Secondly, gender discrimination would be a great topic because the world is evolving and learning how to communicate with and work with each other, especially LGBTQ people, would benefit everyone. Most people will deal with gender discrimination on a daily basis. It is important that we learn what it is and learn what signs to look for to prevent it from happening to ourselves and others. In conclusion, these two research papers will be pretty easy to write but they will also benefit our brains.

In Love with Two, Not True!


Loving two persons at the same time is possible but falling “in love” with two persons at the same time is impossible. You will love one more than the other and when you’re truly in love with someone you become somewhat obsessed with that person. Firstly, the love and feelings you have for one person will be stronger than that of the other. Love requires loyalty and devotion. When you’re truly in love, your time, attention, heart, and mind will be with that person, not allowing you to commit yourself to another. According to Ed Decker, “ This devotion is therefore limited, and if there are two romantic love objects at one time, it would be difficult to determine whether that devotion were an even split between the two.” Secondly, when in love we tend to obsess over our lover. This obsession consumes us totally (mind, body, and soul). Every second, minute, and hour are being spent thinking about that special someone who has captured our hearts. In conclusion, being in love with two people at the same time is just not possible.

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Marriage and Sexy Employees


It is illogical for a married couple to avoid hiring attractive people (nannies, maids, handy men, etc.) to work in their homes because trust and loyalty should be the foundation on which marriages are built. Trusting someone means you feel safe and confident with that person. Trust is a huge deal in any relationship, especially marriage. It is uncommon to marry someone you can’t trust. According to, “Importance of Trust in a Relationship”, “When a couple has built a solid partnership on trust, they are free to be their authentic selves.” Rightfully so, the loyalty a married couple should have towards one another should keep them from being unfaithful. Loyalty is a strong feeling of support or allegiance. The vows a married couple exchange are all about loyalty. These vows are usually exchanged before God, family, and friends who will all hold the couple accountable. Therefore, a married couple should have no problem hiring attractive people to work in their homes. Married couples should only have eyes for one another.

Let’s Go H2O!



Elementary schools are considering getting rid of all juices and replacing them with water. This idea is not only great but beneficial because juices have high amounts of sugar, water is cheaper, and kids will be influenced to drink more water. Children are very active and energetic. By adding juice, which can be high in sugar, children become hyperactive. The consumption of  juice can also lead to obesity. According to Karen Kaplan, “Some studies have found an association between heavy sugar consumption through juices – in excess of 12 ounces per day- and obesity.” Additionally, it would be cheaper to add more water fountains than outsourcing juice. The school will then be able to use the money saved, from eliminating juice, to buy more supplies and/or things needed to make the school thrive more. Furthermore, having no juice available will also influence children to drink more water. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids and it’s the best form of hydration. For these reasons, juice should no longer be offered to children during school. Water doesn’t contain calories, it’s good for the body and it’s inexpensive.

Hand It Over!


In the case of the Mike Tyson tattoo legal controversy, the tattoo artist should get paid by  Warner Bros. for his work used in The Hangover Part II. The tattoo put on Tyson’s face was an original, designed by S. Victor Whitmill. By Whitmill being the owner and designer of the tattoo, he holds all of the rights to the work. The tattoo design is Whitmill’s  idea that he specifically drew for Mike Tyson. There was thought and time put into the artists’ design. Furthermore, U.S. Copyright Law states any artwork that is put down on paper or some other canvas automatically has a copyright. Therefore, Whitmill is owed for the “unauthorized” use of his tattoo design in Warner Bros.’, The Hangover Part II.